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Is Relocation Right for You?

Use local resources to decide if a long-distance move will fit your lifestyle.

Expert Tips: How to Construct an IT Resume/CV

Find the do's and don'ts when it comes to crafting a stellar IT resume and cover letter.

Name-Dropping During an Interview

Usually knowing someone at a company where you’re seeking employment is a good thing.

5 Steps to Effective Alumni Networking in a Job Search

Alumni can be some of your most valuable job search networking contacts, but only if you utilize them effectively.

Using the Best Job Keywords for Job Applications Online

Applying for a job online can be a lot like a guessing game.

14 Ways to Not Get Hired

Today’s job market doesn’t give you the wiggle room to be anything less than exceptional.

Finding a Job Without a College Degree

Bill Gates never graduated from college.

Using Cover Letter Keywords to Craft Cover Letters that Get Noticed

If you’ve looked for a job in the past few years, you’re likely aware that employers are finding new ways to use resumes as screening tools.

Salary Negotiation Isn’t Pretty

When it comes to salary, women tend to take the agreeable route to avoid negotiating.

There’s No Such Thing as a Video Resume

A proper video bio that tells your story, and doesn't simply repeat your resume, requires more than you and a video camera.

Reinvent Yourself Before Your Next Career Move

When you can't change your circumstances, consider changing yourself.

A Woman’s Guide to Successful Salary Negotiation

The salary gap between men and women may have as much to do with how the sexes approach salary negotiation as with gender politics.

Title vs. Salary

Excerpted from ''You're Better Than Your Job Search'' By Marc Cenedella and Matthew Rothenberg It's always tough to land a job with a top title.

Sell Yourself Short

Excerpted from ''You're Better Than Your Job Search'' By Marc Cenedella and Matthew Rothenberg If your experience is in a troubled industry, you may have to find a whole new way to package it, says Randy Hain, managing partner at Bell Oaks Executive Search in Atlanta.

How to Address a Layoff on Your Resume

The 30-year-old electrical engineer wanted one job, that’s it, to carry him from graduation to retirement.

Cover Letters

Creating Effective Cover Letters

Do cover letters matter?

Writing a Cover Letter to Control Your Message

Stop calling it a cover letter.

Offered a Relocation Package? Take it.

When I grew up relocating was a way of life, a way to advance your career.

What to Wear to Summer Job Interviews: Photo Gallery

Real professionals in New York display the styles that will keep you cool and looking sharp on job interviews.

The Best Online Tools for Executives

The latest online products let you network like never before – and they’re easy to use.

Executives’ 11-Step Guide to Job Fairs

They’re not just for entry-level positions.

Interview Prep: Sales and Marketing

Interview prep for sales and marketing candidates getting ready for to meet potential employers.

Behind the Numbers: Who’s looking to switch?

Behind the Numbers: Who's looking to switch?

5 Ways for Branding Yourself Online… Fast

Here are 5 free resources that you can use to establish or extend your online brand quickly and economically.