Articles by Don Sears

New M.B.A. Gets New Resume

After receiving her master's degree, Roe Polczynski needed help graduating her mid-level resume to an executive-level spotlight.

Downplaying Short Tenures on a Medical Resume

Lifetime employees are a thing of the past, but multiple short-tenured jobs aren’t exactly what this health-care executive wanted to lead with.

Rebuilding a Construction Resume

Todd Barrick saved many failing construction projects in his 15+ years as a project superintendent.

Measuring Results in an IT Consulting Resume

How do you balance an IT resume that must capture the subject’s progress from technical jobs to a professional-services role?

Rewritten Resume Adds Context, Lands Project Manager New Job

Keara Fortson’s project-management experience told her to focus on the bottom line, but her resume writer helped her to balance numbers with the whole story.

Writing Details into a Resume for Federal Government Jobs

A law-enforcement officer used a detailed questionnaire and keywords from the job description to tailor his resume for a federal government job.

Cutting a Long Resume Down to Size

When scanning a resume, HR pros 'want infomercials, not Tolstoy,' resume writer Richard Hoffman explains.

First Aid for a Bullet-Point Resume

How clear job targeting and a full reorganization afford a hospital director new opportunities in executive-level health care positions.

HR Generalist Gets Specific on Resume

Former HR VP Kathleen Roesing had trouble standing out.

Engineering a Hybrid Resume for a Tech Pro

Resume writer Steve Burdan likened job seeker Jeff Held’s mix of formatting details to dumping ketchup over a meal.

A New Advertising Sales Resume to Sell a New Medium

Jessica Coates is a pioneer in the new world of digital-display advertising.

Raising a Mid-Level Resume to VP Level

Certified professional resume writer Ken Moore bridged a senior sales executive’s varying roles together to elevate a sub-par resume.

Certified Resume Writer Consolidates a 30-Year Career

How a marketing executive re-did his resume with the help of a professional resume writer.

The Resume is in the Job Details

Aerospace manager Gary Hartley of Washington state, had a resume that needed to balance too much information and not enough detail.

M.B.A. Resume From an IT Career Template

'Rajan' had an M.

Resume Tips Summarize Project Managers Career

A Boston project manager’s resume grew every time he tried to summarize his career.

Too Much Information? Edit and Cut That Long Resume to Size

This TechnologyLadder member has 30 years’ experience to back up her job search.