Caroline Beaton

Caroline Beaton

Caroline Beaton (@cs_beaton) is kununu’s millennial career expert. She’s an award-winning writer and entrepreneur who helps ambitious millennials change their habits and behaviors to lead more fulfilling lives. Her writing has been has been featured in Forbes, Psychology Today, Business Insider and many others.

Articles by Caroline Beaton


How to declutter your work life

Here are four ways to declutter your work-life.

The Commute

The long commute: How long is too long and why

So how long is too long to get to work? The answer, research suggests, depends on factors besides length.

Work-Life Balance

After-work anxiety: Why we get stressed when we get home

Sometimes work is so busy that we don’t realize how stressed we are until we get home. Here's what to know so you can do something about it.

Job search

4 things dating apps teach us about finding a perfect (employer) match

Four things to keep in mind as you search for a job, inspired by the online dating world: With authenticity, similar interests, expressed enthusiasm, and pragmatism, you can find a match made in heaven.

Office Life

The 3 most annoying types of coworkers – and what you can do about them

Over the course of our careers, there are certain types of coworkers we run into over and over. They drive us crazy without even trying. Until we learn how to manage them, we’re hopelessly distracted by the daily frustration of their existence.