Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton is a Stanford Professor who studies and writes about leadership, organizational change, and navigating organizational life. Check out my new "All Things Bob Sutton" site, which includes a place to sign up for a free monthly newsletter, videos, links to my writings, and other goodies. 

Articles by Bob Sutton

The Whole Human

Why ‘am I a success or a failure?’ is the wrong question to ask

It is best to travel through life with a focus on what you are learning and how to get a little wiser and better right now, rather than fretting or gloating over what you've done in the past (and seeing yourself as a winner or loser).

Office culture

Bad behavior is contagious: Beware of the company that you keep

Bad behavior is an infectious disease that you catch from other people — and it is mighty hard to resist.


The 100,000 homes campaign: A model for scaling up excellence

This is a true story that more people ought to hear. It contains numerous lessons for any leader, organization, or social movement about how to spread something good from the few to the many.


12 books that every leader should read

The best material out there on leading teams, creativity, and organization behavior.


This is why your job is becoming impossible to do

Your job is becoming impossible because of well-intentioned organization overload


Thirteen things I believe: Principles of organizational behavior

Stanford professor Bob Sutton reveals his 13 principles of organizational behavior.