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From Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella

The world's leading venture capitalist of today shared the career advice below almost a decade ago. While the advice is targeted at the young, I think the experienced ought to pay heed.

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It’s a paradox of the job search: Your No. 1 reason to work is probably to earn a living. But when you’re on the job search, compensation is the last item you and your potential employer will settle, after you’ve already demonstrated your value.

If you’ve gotten to this far, proceed with confidence and clarity. Yes, tight financial times mean there are more contenders for every position; nevertheless, it also means that a job offer represents that you’ve made yourself more desirable than all those other candidates.

Caution: Entering negotiations with unrealistic expectations and no tactics for negotiation can still undo the deal. But if you stay focused on your value and understand competitive salaries in your industry and function, you may be able to earn more than you expect to receive or the company planned to pay.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Earning Potential

Increasing your worth in the job market means having a strategy, experts say. Here are five routes to get there.

Negotiating the Intangible

Negotiating a salary is tricky enough. Try negotiating for intangible benefits like a four-day workweek or a work-from-home arrangement.

The Math Behind a Move

Calculate your position and earning potential before you start your job search.

How to Negotiate for a Severance Package

Negotiating a severance package is one of the most sensitive elements in a salary negotiation. Follow these steps to buy yourself some security.

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