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Career Line: Job-Search News
Jul 5, 2011 By TheLadders Staff
Jun 22, 2011 By TheLadders Staff
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Marketing & PR jobs in Seattle, WA

TheLadders has 205 job listings for Marketing & PR jobs near Seattle, WA.
Senior Traffic Manager, Seattle, WA
-- | Public Relations & Communications
Looking for a Senior Traffic Manager. Read More
-- | Advertising & Media
The Brand/Digital Marketing Director is responsible for leading the development & execution of brand's annual marketing & media plans, including helping to define and create the con... Read More
Analytics Manager, Seattle, WA
-- | Online Marketing
The Analytic Manager is responsible for creating, managing, and maintaining the company's consumer/guest data and measurement systems to track, report, and improve results for all marketing... Read More
-- | Product Marketing
The candidate will build and iterate on games working with game designers and production throughout the product life-cycle from conception to development to launch, and most importantly, post launch. Read More
-- | Online Marketing
This person would help drive the decisions behind optimization of customer acquisition and retention. We are looking for an independent, fast learner, comfortable with analytics and eager to make an ... Read More

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