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Industry: Software

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About Kronos

At Kronos we help companies realize the value of their most strategic asset — their workforce, so we know from experience that the lifeblood of every company is its employees. In order to attract and keep the best employees, we've created a culture of innovation, collaboration, and respect.


From new graduates to experienced professionals, Kronos employees thrive in an atmosphere that promotes the sharing of ideas across cultures, generations, and job descriptions. Here, we encourage people to share experiences and work collaboratively.


One of our primary goals as a company is to exceed customer expectations. To do that, we need teams of talented, satisfied employees ready to go that extra mile. And to build and nurture those teams, we deliver a challenging environment where people can thrive, a comprehensive benefits package that relieves some of life's worries, and state-of-the-art tools, technologies, and resources that foster product development.

Most Recent Open Kronos Jobs

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Job Title Location Posted
   Sales - Manager Atlanta, GA 10/31/14
   Sales - Senior Level Chelmsford, MA 10/31/14
   Sales - Senior Level Chelmsford, MA 10/31/14
   Sales - Senior Level Chelmsford, MA 10/31/14
   HR - Senior Level Chelmsford, MA 10/30/14
   Technology - Senior Level Chelmsford, MA 10/27/14
   Sales - Senior Level Chelmsford, MA 10/24/14
   Technology - Senior Level Irvine, CA 10/23/14
   Technology - Senior Level Chelmsford, MA 10/20/14
   Technology - Senior Level Virtual / Travel 10/20/14
   Technology - Director Chelmsford, MA 10/20/14
   Sales - Senior Level Atlanta, GA 10/20/14
   Sales - Senior Level Virtual / Travel 10/18/14
   Sales - Director Virtual / Travel 10/16/14
   Technology - Senior Level Chelmsford, MA 10/16/14
   Sales - Senior Level Cleveland, OH 10/10/14
   Technology - Senior Level Indianapolis, IN 9/30/14
   Marketing & PR - Manager Chelmsford, MA 9/09/14
   Technology - Senior Level Tigard, OR 9/08/14

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Past Jobs from Kronos

Job Title Location
   Operations/GM - Senior Level International