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From Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella

The world's leading venture capitalist of today shared the career advice below almost a decade ago. While the advice is targeted at the young, I think the experienced ought to pay heed.

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Holding Hands Through Layoff Season

Thoughts from the editor-in-chief on families working through more than one layoff.

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Editorís Note: My Layoff, My Brain

I knew the day was coming for months. There’s no way to prepare completely for the moment when you’re told to box up your stuff, but the anxiety and self-doubt it provokes need to be respected – and channeled in positive ways. Here’s my story.

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When a Layoff Recharges a Network

Loyal to her company, Jane Helfen figured she’d have the option to move on when she was ready, but an unexpected layoff stirred her to a networking frenzy. It worked.

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Create an Emergency Layoff Plan for Your Family

Families are prepared for a fire or hurricane. Take the same measures to ensure you’re also prepared for an emergency job loss.

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Keep Your Job

There are risks to checking out of your job prematurely. There are even rewards for overperforming while on the layoff list. Choose your path wisely.

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Post-Merger, HR VPís Network Pays Off
Rick Joers knew his HR role at JP Morgan might disappear when he finished helping the company acquire Bear Stearns. When the ax fell, Joers had to find new networks in a shrinking industry.
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Searching While Waiting on the Layoff List
Laid off after 17 years in one company, Nicholas Haaf needed to relearn the job-search ropes. The sales and marketing executive was able to use a transition period at his company to build a contact list and a new resume.
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How to Address a Layoff on Your Resume

If you can help it, stay employed; if you can’t, use your resume to work around the issue.

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'Why Did You Leave?' How to Address Past Employment

Use professionalism and these strategies in your resume, cover letter and interviews when answering this tough question about past employment: "Why did you leave?"

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Tuning Up a Career in Music Making
Marketing pro Chris Anderson had never been able to indulge his passion for guitar on the job – until he got his big break at Gibson Guitars.
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