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Career Advice

From Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella

The world's leading venture capitalist of today shared the career advice below almost a decade ago. While the advice is targeted at the young, I think the experienced ought to pay heed.

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100 Words to Get You Hired Today - October 2007

FILED UNDER: Working with Recruiters.

When you need to find stuff on the internet, you use Google’s search box, right?

So how do you think recruiters find you on TheLadders.com?

Well, they type stuff into our search box.

So if you want to get found (and Readers, I want you to get found!) you ought to fill out your bio with search terms that are relevant to your career and experience.

To help you do just exactly that, I’m going to give you a little unfair advantage. I’ve listed the 100 most popular searches by recruiters on TheLadders.com below. These are the words that recruiters type into our search box thousands of times each week as they’re looking for candidates for their open positions. When we shared this list with our subscribers 4 months ago, we found that it worked quite well for people to get noticed.

So, Readers, are you helping recruiters find you? Incorporate words like these into your bio and get found!

1 Sales 51 Software Engineer
2 Controller 52 Internal Audit
3 CPA 53 Account Manager
4 SAP 54 Inside Sales
5 Project Manager 55 Pharmacist
6 CFO 56 Mortgage
7 Tax 57 Brand Manager
8 Human Resources 58 Environmental
9 Director 59 Civil Engineer
10 Recruiter 60 General Manager
11 Marketing 61 Staffing
12 Product Manager 62 Financial Analyst
13 Software 63 HR
14 Insurance 64 Attorney
15 Business Development 65 Accenture
16 Java 66 Business Analyst
17 Engineer 67 Six Sigma
18 Finance 68 IT
19 Audit 69 Recruiting
20 Accounting 70 Sec Reporting
21 Oracle 71 Buyer
22 VP 72 Electrical Engineer
23 Pharmaceutical 73 Mechanical Engineer
24 Retail 74 Market Research
25 Software Sales 75 Estimator
26 Supply Chain 76 Cisco
27 Sales Engineer 77 PMP
28 Accountant 78 Operations
29 Manager 79 Nurse
30 Healthcare 80 VP Sales
31 Tax Manager 81 Chief Financial Officer
32 Construction 82 HVAC
33 Vice President 83 Deloitte
34 Medical Device 84 Plant Manager
35 Sales Manager 85 Account Executive
36 Logistics 86 CIO
37 .net 87 Storage
38 Manufacturing 88 Commercial Lender
39 Technology 89 Security
40 Regulatory Affairs 90 Call Center
41 CEO 91 Advertising
42 Architect 92 Accounting Manager
43 Compensation 93 Telecom
44 Sec 94 Bank
45 Peoplesoft 95 Consultant
46 Consulting 96 KPMG
47 Compliance 97 Aerospace
48 Banking 98 Marketing Manager
49 Medical 99 Professional Services
50 Real Estate 100 President

See words on that list that apply to you? Be sure to get them into your bio!

And did you know that we’ve added even more features to help recruiters find you? Recruiters can now search for candidates by your salary range, the city you live in, zip code and a radius of miles from that zip code, your willingness to travel, and a lot more!

But, before they can find you, you need to fill out your bio to make this information available to them. The more info and detail you put into your bio, the better your results on TheLaders.com are going to be!

Have a great fourth quarter, Readers!

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