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Career Advice

From Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella

The world's leading venture capitalist of today shared the career advice below almost a decade ago. While the advice is targeted at the young, I think the experienced ought to pay heed.

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Photos (and now videos!) of us

Each year, I take you "behind the scenes" at TheLadders headquarters here in Manhattan so that you can have a peek at the people who are on your side in the job search.

This year we're going to try something new... Videos! So let's get going!

TheLadders Soho Office
Our building in the famous SoHo District of Manhattan.

TheLadders front door
The front door of TheLadders building.

Recruiter Relations Team
Here's our Recruiter Relations team... they help bring in the jobs!

Michelle is our design leader and is responsible for making everything beautiful and easy-to-use for you.

HR Team
Ray & Katie hire and motivate folks at TLC on the HR team...

Ilyssa in our Job Search Support Center is here to help you land your next great role in life...

Marketing Team
TheLadders' marketing team says "hi!"

Kat is one of my favorite people here at TheLadders and makes our mobile apps gorgeous and useful.

TheLadders Team
Here's the whole TheLadders.com team!

John helps make the core technologies at TheLaddders...

And Tim listens to your feedback to create new products. As a matter of fact, he's working and listening so diligently, that he's forgotten to take down the Christmas Tree in the office.

So that's TheLadders office in New York City, folks!

Next week, I'll be asking you for a favor!

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