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Career Advice

From Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella

The world's leading venture capitalist of today shared the career advice below almost a decade ago. While the advice is targeted at the young, I think the experienced ought to pay heed.

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You should follow me on Twitter here.

"Social media" is the buzzword of the year, folks, and every professional is wondering if it's here to help, or here to destroy, their business. We've seen what the internet has done to so many industries, and it's good to be wary.

In my industry, recruiters, HR people, and staffing firms on one side, and job-seekers on the other, are also trying to figure it out. Some practitioners say that all social media is good for is wasting time on the internet, while others swear by its potential.

So I've decided to test it out.

I started twittering a month ago and I've re-activated my blogging at Stone. It's all an effort to better understand the way social media work, or don't, for the professional job hunt and you in 2010.

So, yes, please follow me on Twitter here, and I will keep you posted throughout the next year on what I've learned!

Happy New Year, and here's to a bright 2010 for all of us!

Warmest regards,
Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella, Founder & CEO, TheLadders.com
Marc Cenedella's Blog www.cenedella.com/stone
Marc Cenedella's Twitter twitter.com/cenedella

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