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Behind the Numbers: Where the Finance Jobs Are

Editor’s note: This article was originally available to attendees of TheLadders’ finance-industry career event held in New York on Feb. 9, 2009. For information on future career events from TheLadders, contact careerevents@theladders.com.

By Katie Sherman
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Job seekers looking for work in the strained finance industry may have something to be optimistic about. While unemployment climbs, certain areas of finance are seeing new needs which require additional headcount.

What skills are most in-demand as the market shifts and new needs emerge? How can executive job seekers leverage their expertise in a way that is meaningful to recruiters and hiring managers?

According to TheLadders’ data, the finance industry is seeing lifts in fixed asset accounting and value-added analysis as corporations prioritize identifying their market position, and analyzing how to maintain – if not grow – their businesses.

Further, those with expertise in tax and compliance can be optimistic as job posts on FinanceLadder within this specialty grew from 11 percent of total posts to 16 percent.

Katie Sherman is the former associate managing editor at TheLadders.

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