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From Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella

When two candidates are equally experienced, equally credentialed, and equally capable, who gets the job?

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The Math Behind a Move

Calculate your position and earning potential before you start your job search.

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Creating Stellar Sales Resumes

Give them the cold, hard numbers to get employers to return your call.

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Bringing Networking into Focus

Once he had clear goals, SalesLadder member Chris T. found his network a far more effective tool for achieving them.

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When Your Reputation Stops Working

When Jon B. Roberts decided to switch from medical-device sales to other industries, word of mouth and reputation no longer applied. He found himself 12 years overdue for a resume update.

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Salesman Uses Excel to Get a Job Hundreds Wanted

Bryan Stinson's most productive job search tool was as simple as an Excel spreadsheet that listed everyone in his professional and personal network.   

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Multiple Layoffs Raise Sales Pro's Game

Strategy for networking with recruiters and focus on ideal job criteria helped this laid-off professional get hired.

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Investing in a Career Upgrade

Kitty Koenig put $100 into a ticket to a charity event and devoted time to a volunteer opportunity that followed. The SalesLadder member said the investment paid off many times over.

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Sales Manager’s Military Background Helps Secures New Job

Colorado salesman Jonathan Stanley leveraged his military experience to land a sales position in a new industry.

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Sales Manager Finds a Job Close to Home

Donald Wroble wasn’t ready to uproot his family from Atlanta. So he turned to TheLadders to find his third job through the site.

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Job ‘Hunter’ Bags a New E-Learning Job
Harry O’Brien follows his instinct to uncover new sales opportunities; a new position at SkillSoft plays to his strengths.
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