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From Marc Cenedella
Marc Cenedella

The world's leading venture capitalist of today shared the career advice below almost a decade ago. While the advice is targeted at the young, I think the experienced ought to pay heed.

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Holiday Networking

The Holiday Hiring Myth

Many believe companies do little hiring in December, but HR execs call it a myth. Get your application in. December may be your best chance to get hired.

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Investing in a Career Upgrade

Kitty Koenig put $100 into a ticket to a charity event and devoted time to a volunteer opportunity that followed. The SalesLadder member said the investment paid off many times over.

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6 Face-Saving Antidotes to Awkward Situations

Sometimes office conversations become awkward – even for senior-level executives. Do you know how to change course and save the interaction?

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Recruiters’ Best Networking Tips

Six ways to be more memorable at networking events and holiday parties from recruiters who have been on the meet-and-greet circuit.

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Holiday Festivities Are Great Networking Venues

Any neighborhood, family or business gathering can be an opportunity to mine for gossip, offer your assistance and generally network. Ensure you're giving more than you're asking.

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Proper Job Search Etiquette Starts During the Holidays

How would you like to wake up on the morning of January 2 with a solid job offer in hand, while the rest of the job seekers are just getting started on their search?

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Holiday Party Tips for Job Seekers

Follow these 4 basics tips to make the holidays a time to reengage old contacts, party smartly, give more than you receive and position yourself to start the new year.

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Making the Most of Holiday Networking Events

The winter holidays are a networker’s paradise! November and December are prime season for planting yourself on decision makers’ radar screens and nurturing relationships. It’s a wonderland of fresh prospects and a harvest of contact renewals to connect with key players in your industry.

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4 Ways to Step Up Your Holiday Search

When people drop out of the job market during the holiday season, there's an opportunity for you. Follow these steps to increase your visibility now before the new year brings new competition.

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It's Networking Season!
It's the holidays. This time of year is perfect for proactive networking. Events are a legitimate reason to extend an invitation and to be in touch. Holiday gatherings especially are great for both meeting new contacts and catching up with old ones. Optimize these occasions to reach out to your target contacts.
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