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Marc Cenedella

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Social Networking: Painless and Powerful

The editor-in-chief details what you need from social-networking Ė and what you donít.

By Matthew Rothenberg
FILED UNDER: Social Networking.

If you peeked into my overstuffed briefcase, you’d see professional tools that span at least three centuries. My laptop and cellular modem jostle with my spiral-bound reporter’s notebook and assorted pens. I’ve been in a funk all day because my Blackberry’s on the fritz, but I’m happy to report that the batteries never run out on my leather-bound FranklinCovey organizer.

In short, I use all the resources I need to keep on track and in touch, whether the technology behind it was invented by Gutenberg or Gates. I never give up on a tool that still works for me just to prove I’m trendy, but I like new tricks that don’t crimp my style.

Used right, social-networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can do just that. Don’t have time to play silly games with your social network? Neither do I – but there’s no need to! Whether you’ve never logged on to a social network or you’re ready to hone your professional edge online, the articles in this package will tell you exactly what you need from social-networking – and what you don’t.

And if you’ve got feedback, shoot me an e-mail, a Facebook message or a letter; I’m ready for anything!

Matthew Rothenberg is the Editorial Director of TheLadders.

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