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Job Search

Job-Search Checklist

By Kevin Fogarty
FILED UNDER: Assessment, Follow Up.
Job Search

• Create an activity log and note everything you’ve done today, this week and this month. Note opportunities, contacts and organizations you need to follow up with and schedule when you should do it.

• Check job ads on TheLadders.com; local job-ad sites; and the job boards of any professional organizations, alumni organizations social networks, or other clubs, referral networks or affinity groups to which you belong.

• Make and return calls.

• Make at least one call to a new networking contact; return a call to a networking colleague who has called you.

• Phone a former colleague to get an update on the market, gossip about the old crowd or just shoot the breeze. Talking to people who are still in the business keeps you mentally connected to the environment and reminds former colleagues you and your skills are still available.


• Follow up on resumes you’ve sent or screening calls you’ve gotten. Don’t stalk recruiters or hiring managers, but do make sure you’re up-to-date on all your main prospects.

• Make a list of all your potential networking contacts and areas you might not have explored yet.


• Evaluate your job-hunting strategy; identify areas that are most and least productive and those you haven’t exploited far enough.

• Evaluate your collateral material — talking points for the interview, tag line for the resume and introductions, elevator pitch for the resume and opening

Kevin Fogarty is a general assignment reporter for TheLadders.

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